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Research & Production Enterprise Ukrorgsintez LLC is engaged in manufacture of laboratory furniture since 2004. During years in this business we have equipped over one hundred of various profile laboratories. The range of our products includes fume hoods, drying ovens, laboratory tables, and other laboratory furniture. The main principle of our work is to produce high-quality affordable laboratory furniture and special laboratory equipment.

One of the most important factors which need to be taken into consideration when equipping laboratory is a correct selection and layout of lab furniture. Quality furniture will not only deliver esthetic pleasure but also will help preserve health of laboratory staff, reduce their tiredness during workday and, as a result, increase their labor productivity.

We offer the range of products which will fully meet the needs of research, production, training, and specialized laboratories and medical institutions.

Our customers have the choice of ordering furniture from catalog or custom-made, with additional options required by specific laboratory or production technology. Our production facility located in Kyiv features full cycle of production of laboratory and special furniture, dry and vacuum cabinets.

To protect our furniture against aggressive impact of chemical reagents and mediums we use powder epoxy or special chemically-resistant paints. For laboratory processes which involve work in especially aggressive conditions we produce special stainless steel furniture. Our product samples can be found in demonstration room at the following address: Krasnotkatskaya Str. 61 (Chernihivska Metro station).

Our customer relations are based on the following principles:

  • Visualization of solutions (3D graphics, drawings).
  • Fulfillment of orders by the due date.
  • Manufacture of both standard and customized furniture considering layout of utility and communication lines in laboratory.
  • Fulfillment of orders ranging from single furniture units to full laboratory sets.
  • Wide selection of color solutions and furniture materials.
  • Flexible payment schemes.
  • Quality guarantee.
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