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Laboratory tables


Laboratory tables are made on the basis of metal frame (stainless steel frame for the most aggressive conditions) which provides lab tables with durability, reliability, and longevity even in the most aggressive operating conditions. The table frame undergoes special anticorrosion treatment and is protected against impact of aggressive mediums by painting by chemically-resistant epoxy powder paint. Laboratory tables include tabletops made from chemically-resistant materials (tabletop material can be selected here). Thanks to adjustable supports, work surface is easy to set in strictly horizontal position even if the floor surface is uneven. Two different types of load-bearing frames help fulfill all laboratory tasks flexibly and efficiently.


Frame 1 Frame 2

Frame 1

Most convenient for working in sitting position, enables to fill the space underneath the tabletop.

Frame 2

Features heightened durability, rigidity, and vibration-resistance.


Both types of laboratory table frames provide various options of filling both inner (different file cabinets, drawers, shelves) and outer space (extensions, shelves, dryers, etc.). For information about lab table options, click here.

To fulfill special tasks, such as placement of heavy equipment, weighting on analytical balances, movement of measuring systems and devices, we have designed special laboratory table and repair table models.

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