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Special laboratory tables


Weighing table

Стол для весов Стол для весов производства Stable table for analytic balances can be purchased separately, or it can be ordered as an option for a big table. Natural polished granite plate is used as the working surface for balances installation. The plate is 60 mm thick, and has 450 to 500 mm dimensions. Plate is mounted on rubber resin shock-absorbers and does not touch any other parts of the table. Ballast integrated in table props provides additional anti-vibrational properties.

Reinforced instrumentation table (2-3)

Стол усиленный для приборов Table supported with additional pair of legs to hold heavy equipment.
Service table (2-4)

Стол сервисный Wheeled table with three shelves and handle can be used for convenient relocation of heavy equipment.
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