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Countertop material


Moisture-resistant laminate
Moisture-resistant laminate A moisture-resistant material, 18 mm thick, plastic-faced. Relatively moisture-resistant, this material can withstand short-time impact of high temperature, non-concentrated acids, alkalis, and organic solvents.
Ceramic tile
Ceramic tile An inexpensive, practical material with high chemical and temperature resistance. Decorated with steel or aluminum board coated in powder paint.
Stainless steel
Stainless steel A highly-durable material which can withstand short-time impact of concentrated acids (except hydrochloric acid). An easily-washable material, excellent at withstanding contact with alkalis, organic solvents, and high temperature.
Polypropylene A widely-used plastic with very high degree of resistance to bases, acids, and most solvents. Temperature resistance up to 130°С, is not prone to corrosion cracks.
Chemically resistant plastic
Chemically resistant plastic A material created specifically for chemical laboratories. Easy to clean, this material is scratch-, moisture-, high temperature-, acid-, and solvent-resistant. It has antistatic property, is not inflammable, and can withstand impact of disinfectants
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